Elevators And Scalators

Elevators And Scalators

Elevator department of Techinco has contained the competency verification certificate from National Iranian Standard Organization since 1998. Now after many years’ experience and using experienced & talented employees, It is one of the top companies in this field, such that It has been presented as the best company in Tehran province in 2 consecutive years. It is the first company which has become successful in taking the competency verification certificate in escalator and moving sidewalk in Iran.

Elevator department central office is located in Tehran and has 4 agencies in Alborz, Razavi Khorasan, and Hormozgan and Khuzestan provinces. This department has the ability to perform a large number of inspections in a short time and high accuracy using enough first level inspectors. As an example we can mention inspection and complete report presentation of 400 elevators of Khuzestan Mehr Housing in just 15 days; performing elevator inspection of all hospitals, ministries, governmental and military organizations in Tehran and all cities involved with agencies, and all petroleum departments in South Pars Complex (Asaloyeh).  

Summary of technical services available to elevator and escalator and crane department of Techinco:

- Inspection of elevators and cranes and equipment for lifting and loading

- Inspection of all traction and hydraulic elevators types includes passenger elevators, service elevators, carrying elevators, etc..

- Inspection of modern elevators like Room Less elevators, Gear Less elevators

- Professional inspection of high-speed elevators in high buildings

- Inspection of workshop elevators and special elevators, like turnbuckles elevators, screw elevators and explosion proof elevators

- Inspection of installed elevators on high cranes

- Inspection of  all kinds of escalators and mobile walkways

- Inspection of all forklift types includes gas burner, diesel, gasoline, electric and manual elevators

- Inspection of all types of overhead and Gantry Cranes, Mobile and Locomotive Cranes, Portal and Pedestal Cranes, Side Boom Tractors, monorail, gantry, etc.…

- Inspection of various types of tower cranes

- Inspection of all types of escalators and moving sidewalk

- Inspection of all types of Mobile elevating work

Platforms, Personnel Lifting Systems, etc.…

- Inspection of all types of lifting equipment’s includes wire rope, Shackles, sling, Hoists, Hooks, Jacks etc...

- Inspection of all kinds of manual loading equipment like manual forklifts, chain block, etc.…

-Inspection of Hydraulic & lifting and hydraulic & pneumatic jacks 

-Inspection of all kinds of cranes and lifting equipment’s construction

- Inspection of all kinds of playground equipment

- Inspect of all kinds of windsurfing equipment

- Inspect all types of slides and water amusements

- Consulting in the field of various lifting equipment and cranes

- Participation in the development of various standards related to lifting equipment

- Holding training courses related to various cranes, forklifts and lifting equipment and issuing inspection certification