Overseas Commodities Inspection

Overseas Commodities Inspection

The Inspection Unit for Commodities and Manufacturing Equipment Overseas has been operating since 1997 and has been registered in the Netherlands for the office of representation. This inspection department is currently operating with 92 part-time inspectors and 26 inspection companies abroad. Major companies and affiliates are based in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, Australia, Spain, Ukraine, India, Slovenia, South Korea, China, Singapore, UAE, Turkey ...

The main inspection department activities of the Commodities and equipment manufacturing abroad are as follows:

- Carry out inspections during the manufacture of equipment including:

• Rotary machines include compressors, pumps, diesel generators, air-conditioners....

• Reservoirs and storage tanks......

• Electrical Items Including Cable, Electrical Switchgear, Cathodic Protection Items, Lighting Equipment’s, ...

•             Instrumentation equipment

• Industrial plumbing items include: pipe, fittings, flanges, ....

•             Metal structures

• Furnace

- Supervision and inspection of construction operations by overseas builders in accordance with the Specification and Inspection Test Plane (ITP) approved standards

- Reviewing and conforming to the specifications of the map making, the instructions with approved technical documents and authorized standards.

- Welding instructions and compliance with the specifications of the technical documentation approved by the project and international standards.

- Review and certify the certification provided by the manufacturers and comply with EN-10204

- Track the production schedule of the equipment and report the progress and comparison with the schedule

- Preparation and compilation of periodic reports on how to build, test and inspect events during construction

- Inspection and testing during construction: performance tests, final testing of equipment in accordance with approved standard instructions

- Inspection and supervision of packaging, labeling and loading operations in accordance with the Packing, Marking & Loading Practice

- Certification of inspection IC and C.O.I.