Inspection Of Petroleum Materials and Products

Inspection Of Petroleum Materials and Products

This section is on the field:

  1. Quality inspection of export & import oil and petrochemical products.
  2. Quality & quantity inspection of export & import mineral & chemical products.
  3. Inspection and issuing certificate of chemical and petrochemical tankers
  4. Quality, quantity & sampling inspection and loading & discharge witnessing including:

4.1- Draft Survey of determine the weight of bulk goods.

4.2- Ullage Survey to determine the weight of liquid and gas products

4.3- Inspection the container status, packing, Inspection of coastal warehouses, warehouses and tanks of ships

4.4- Calculate and rate the ship's fuel

4.5- Inspection and determination of damage to the goods, unloading and loading equipment, container,

4.6- Lashing inspection

4.7- Quantity and packing inspection


4.9- Mechanical inspection of pressurized cylinders and storage tanks.




  • Petrochemical Commercial Company(PCC)


  • Zagros Petrochemical Company


  • Shazand Petrochemical Company


  • Pardis Petrochemical Company
  • Marun Petrochemical Company 
  • Agriculture Support Service Company (ASSC)
  • Iranol Co.
  • Bouali Sina Petrochemical Co.
  • Esfahan Petrochemical Company
  • Pasargad Oil Company
  • Shahid Tondoogian Petrochemical Company
  • National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company 
  • Amir kabir Petrochemical Company