Common Non-Destructive Tests

Common Non-Destructive Tests

TECHINCO provides several services in the field of NDT and technical inspection, mainly for petrochemical, gas and oil companies, particularly Advanced NDT such as Guided Wave, Tank floor MFL, ToFD, Phased Array, Eddy Current testing, Corrosion monitoring R-Scan, Theta Scan and RMS, MMM, PMI and Ferrite measurement.

Our services are categorized as below:


Visual Test (VT)

Ultrasonic Test(UT)

Magnetic Particle(MT)

Penetrant Test(PT)

Radiographic Test(RT)

Vacuum Test










Other Methods

  • Acoustic Emission(AE)
  • Infrared and Thermography
  • Remote Visual inspection, Endoscopy, Videoscopy
  • Feritescopy Test
  • Magnetoscopy Test
  • X-ray Radiography