Domestic Commodities Inspection

Domestic Commodities Inspection

A summary of the technical service available for inspection of commodities and equipment manufacturing inside the country. Techinco Technical Inspection Company

1. Inspection of commodities and manufacturing equipment inside the country

The company, with more than 200 inspectors, is in charge of inspecting many major petrochemical, petroleum and gas projects. In this regard, the summary of the services provided is as follows:

- Assessment of manufacturers' line of production and inspection of quality control stations in order to assess the ability of manufacturers to produce quality products in accordance with the requirements of the company and national / international standards.

- Carry out inspections, including factory inspection, at manufacturing workshops for final inspection.

- Monitoring and reviewing the results of materials and materials testing (industrial-chemical).

- Qualitative technical inspection and inspection of equipment made by domestic manufacturers.

- Inspection and testing of constructive quality control and testing during manufacturing of industrial units of the production process

- Overseeing the operations and methods of builders and compliance with standards - (Q.C.T.M(, (Q.C PLAN) )I.T.P)

- Care and adaptation of specifications and methods for construction with drawings, instructions, approved technical documents and authorized standards, and the announcement of the technical experts required and the diversion report from the items mentioned to the company (MC).

- Examination and approval of certificates provided by builders during construction.

- Follow-up of the scheduling and reporting of project progress and comparison with the scheduling.

- Preparation and compilation of periodic reports on how to make inspection of construction events by builders (monthly - six months).

- Supervision and inspection of the performance tests and the final test of the equipment completed or semi-finished in accordance with the approved standard approved in the form of approved testing program in accordance with the provisions of the contract.

- Confirmation of the inspection certificate provided by the manufacturer who has been inspected and the analysis of the results of the tests carried out by the manufacturers.

- Supervision of packing, loading and unloading operations - Disposal of equipment at the request of the company for the presence of an inspector (third part) in accordance with the Packing & Marking and Pre-Shipment Inspection.

- Certificate of compliance of V.O.C compliance based on inspection and tests performed.

- Certification of health for devices such as elevators, cranes, forklift trucks, fire trucks, etc. - Reviewing and verifying the production lines in the industries of the country.

- Perform technical inspection of machinery - mechanical equipment - telecommunication, electrical, electronic-chemical-structural and inspection certification.

- Perform technical inspections for export and import of goods (licensed by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran).

- Perform technical inspection and third-part inspection within the country.

- Including offices and inspection offices in Mahshahr-Ahwaz, Arak-Isfahan, Bandar Abbas-Assaloyeh-Mashhad-Tabriz-Shiraz and inspectors resident in all parts of the country.

- Inspection and quality control of materials and products of the export industry petrochemicals - Supervision of products from the countries.

- Inspection of equipment-power plants-mines and refineries-inspection of ships and containers-sampling of imported products and in accordance with the national standard in the customs of the country.